Under Construction

In Rail projects, the main systems Essden work with fall under the SISS category, being:

  • VSS/CCTV Systems
  • Driver Only DIspatch (OPO/DOO)
  • Public Adress Voice Alarm (PAVA)
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Electronic Access Control (EACS)
  • Perimeter and Intruder Detection (IDS and PIDS)
  • Supporting Network and Transmission

Recent services provide include;

SISS Design Services:

  • London Managed Stations: LMS GRIP 1-4 Technical Authoring and drawings
  • London Managed Stations: LNE GRIP 3-4 Technical Authoring and drawings

SISS Systems Engineering Services:

  • Edinburgh Tram Extension: CCTV, PA, CIS, PHP, System Engineering
  • Station Management System: Third Party Integration multiple systems
  • Radiometric Thermal Camera: Proof of concept application
  • Passenger Flow: Requirements Creation

Bid Support:

  • Kent, Wessex and Sussex: SISS
  • Crossrail: Driver Only Operated